We are trying to make it so things get all used up. I have been a builder for most of my life and understand first the waste that is happening all around us everyday and second when something is thrown away you not only lose that object but you waste all the energy that was used to make, install transport etc.. that object.

We have enough stuff in the world. We can take this stuff and reuse it to make more than enough things for all of us. Because lets not kid ourselves we really don’t need all this stuff. I try to practice this philosophy but I still have way to much stuff.

A fence can be a surfboard, something that has been static and held something or a person in can change into something that can be fluid and set someone free. It sounds cheesy and righteous at the same time but if you surf than you know what it is like to feel that freedom every time you ride a wave. I want to try and bring this feeling to as many people as I can through my boards.

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