Foon Skis

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My friend Johnny “Foon” Chilton has started to make wooden skis.  Johnny is

a very accomplished mountain athlete.  He has many first descents on local  mountains in the coast range.  Johnny has also worked as a cabinetmaker.  His knowledge of wood and skiing seemed like a good fit.  Three pairs made and all of the reviews are glowing.  Look for his skis on the mountains in the Whistler/ Pemberton area. Any questions or comments about “Foon Skis” can be directed to.



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We are going to Mexico.  Things have worked out for me and my family to

take three months and live in Sayulita, on the mainland pacific coast.  The drive down was amazing and the winter NW swells have been filling in nicely.  Surf trunks in Feb has been a treat.  I am working on a board down here made with locally sourced reclaimed wood.

Surfer’s Journal Karma

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Surfers Journal pics 008 

I went over to my friend Gavin Duffels house the other day.  He had eleven issues of The Surfers Journal.  They were given to him and he asked me if I wanted them.  I asked him if he was on any kind of prescription medication.  Gavin is a great photographer from South Africa.  We have been talking about making him a wooden kneeboard.  Stay tuned for his pics on the sight.