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We are going to Mexico.  Things have worked out for me and my family to

take three months and live in Sayulita, on the mainland pacific coast.  The drive down was amazing and the winter NW swells have been filling in nicely.  Surf trunks in Feb has been a treat.  I am working on a board down here made with locally sourced reclaimed wood.

New Boards

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Dan WIth Rendezvous FishRendezvous Fish



 The Rendezvous 6’4″ fish was finished and delivered to my friend Dan.  He will be leaving to go back to Australia and taking the board with him.  Dan was involved with Rendezvous project and helped reclaim the wood,  so the board has significant meaning to him.





         Leash Loop                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

This 8ft log was built for my wife Allison.  Flat rocker and full rails make this board alot of fun in small to medium surf.IMG_10148 Ft Fin