Gonzalez Project II



Now that I had a place to shape Peter’s board (Dingbatz), my next step was to find a place to mill the wood strips for the deck and bottom of  Peter’s board.  The first wood shop I went to had one guy watching the place and he said everyone was on siesta for two months.  The next was owned by Ibis Pena my spanish was just a little bit better than his english. I guess carpenters all speak the same kind of language. Wood is different in all parts of the world, but the machines and tools used to cut and shape it are pretty universal.  I showed Ibis one of my finished boards and explained what I needed done and he said no problem.   When he put a 10″ sawblade on his shaper and started to clamp down a fence I asked “Esta es bien no?” he said “No problem”.   I doubted  him at first but after we ran the first piece of wood through I was already thinking of how I could make a setup like this in my shop.  So far building this board in Mexico without my shop and tools has taught me to improvise with what I have and find a liberating confidence  in my skills as a board builder.

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