New Egg and SUP

Fall coming into winter has been busy at Lambrecht Surfboards.  These two boards are reserved for me and my wife.  Spent a week in Tofino,  we had good sized surf  and the Egg was magic.  Easy to duck dive, super loose and fast!!!!!  It was nice to be able to try a bunch of different fin setups.  2+1 seemed to work the best in all conditions. The Egg was built out of a  cedar bench saved from a dumpster.  Built out rails and still have to glass the 11′ SUP.  Just got an order for a 9′ long board and a 6’10″ classic  single fin pintail.  Really excited to have a go at the pintail.  Oh yeah we just got 30cm and have been skiing for a couple weeks.  Tough life.   .

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