wooden surfboard fish tail

Custom Boards

  All wood has been alive. These boards have lived many different lives. Grow as a tree, get made or fabricated into something, serve a purpose then reborn as a beautiful surfboard to bring enjoyment both visually and technically. Wood is sourced from all different places, buildings and objects. In Canada wood is abundant. Old sheds, houses, barns, lift ramps, basically any source of wood that would be going to the dump or the burn pile. The wood has character and experience that shows in the designs and layups of the boards.   Although these boards look incredible just hanging on a wall, their main purpose is to surf waves, and surf them well. From nose riding to barrel riding to ankle biters, these wooden boards can perform.   These boards are made with tensioned wooden skins over a wooden frame. They are hollow and weight about 1/3 more than a conventional foam fiberglass board. This translates into more buoyancy and usually thinner overall board thickness.   Our main focus is custom boards built exactly how our customers want them. Sitting down with a shaper and designing your own board is something every surfer should try to do at least once. For me, one on one sessions translating visions and ideas into surfboards is one of the most exciting parts of the process. Designing boards for certain applications, choosing from different stocks of reclaimed wood, fine tuning exact dimensions are part of the process. Through these stock models we have touched on many different styles of surfing.

Surfboard & SUP

Stand Up Paddleboards-Flatwater

wooden surfboard stand up paddleboard

Customize volume and width for exploring different lakes/ inlets and getting a workout.  Size options: 9’6”-11’ Tail: round, squash  Fins: single, 2+1  Cost: $2000-$2500

Stand Up Paddleboard-Surf

Customize volume and width. Made to surf waves of all sizes.  Size options: 8’-10’ Tail: round, squash, swallow tail  Fins: Thruster, Single, 2+1, Quad  Cost: $1800-$2250


wooden surfboard longboard custom

Different nose and tail widths can set up the board for noseriding or high performance.  Size options: 8’6”-10’ Tail: round, squash, pin  Fins: single, 2+1  Cost: $1650-$2000


wooden surfboard fish custom

Speed and classic style. These boards look amazing and are fun to surf in all conditions.  Size options: 5’4”-6’8” Tail: Swallow  Fins: Quad, Twin  Cost: $1200-1500


wooden surfboard egg custom

The essential board to have in your quiver when waves are small or mushy. Surfs well in overhead waves.  Size options: 5’10”-7”6” Tail: round, Pin  Fins: thruster, quad, 2+1, single  Cost: $1350-$1650


wooden surfboard shortboard custom

Outlines and volume can be tweaked for high performance waves or mushy grovellers.  Size options; 5’8”-7’ Tail: squash, round, swallow, round, pin  Fins: thruster, quad, twin, single  Cost:$1350-$1500

Wake Surf

Double D

This board has a diamond nose and a diamond tail. Size options: 4'6"-5' Fins: thruster, twin  Cost:$700-$900

Tear Drop

Pointy nose and round tail make this board easy to turn and nimble. Size options: 4'6"-5' Fins: SIngle, thruster Cost:$700-$900


Big and wide this board is stable and good for riders of all abilities.  Can be built with more volume for larger riders. Size options: 4'6"-5'6" Fins: single, thruster Cost:$700-$1000

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