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My friend Norm Hann is halfway through an epic 300km SUP journey in the Great Bear Rainforest.  He is paddling to bring awareness and protect this area from a proposed pipeline that would bring supertankers into thisNorm with his custom Lambrecht Surfboards 12' Cedar SUP pristine environment on a daily basis.  Norm has deep ties and overwhelming support from the local native community.  This pipeline has the potential to wreak major havoc on many different levels.  Norm is a great guy and definitely practices what he preaches. Check out his site and progress on his journey.

Wood in the water

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Allison surfing her 8′ log  in Mex.

The Gonzalez Project

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Life in paradise is still life, things happen and you must deal with them.  My

power steering pump broke on a trip with the family to surf in Punta de Mita.  After some inquiries I was directed to Los Hermanos used auto parts store in Peutro Vallarta( Anyone needing quality auto parts in PV should definitely check it out).  The owner Peter Gonzalez helped me get exactly the parts I needed.  I fixed my pump in his parking lot and proceeded to ask him about the pile of used lumber that was for sale in his parking lot.  He told me that he had bought forty “Cash for Clunker” cars in San Diego and built a specialized  double decker trailer to bring them down to Mexico.  (He then takes these cars apart and sells almost 100% of the usable parts off the cars).  The lumber was what was left of the trailer.  He then asked me why I was interested in the lumber.  I told him that I had a small company making custom hollow wooden surfboards from reclaimed wood and that I was planning on making a surfboard during my stay in Mexico.  Peter then told me he was a surfer and proceeded to show me a classic Frye 9’6″ longboard that he had at his store.  One thing led to another and by the time I left he had commissioned me to make him an 8’0″ fish from the reclaimed wood he had used to transport recycled cars to resell in Mexico.  When you think about it takes the reuse philosophy of Lambrecht Surfboards one step further.  Life is very funny how it reveals different opportunities in different ways.  I feel very fortunate and excited to be working on this project.

New Boards

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Dan WIth Rendezvous FishRendezvous Fish



 The Rendezvous 6’4″ fish was finished and delivered to my friend Dan.  He will be leaving to go back to Australia and taking the board with him.  Dan was involved with Rendezvous project and helped reclaim the wood,  so the board has significant meaning to him.





         Leash Loop                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

This 8ft log was built for my wife Allison.  Flat rocker and full rails make this board alot of fun in small to medium surf.IMG_10148 Ft Fin


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Rendezvous Siding

Rendezvous Siding

Rendezvous Beam
Rendezvous Beam


Being a carpenter has its privileges.  Working on the Rendezvous lodge on Blackcomb mountain last month,  I was able to reclaim some cedar siding and support beams bound for the dump.



Milled and ready to go

Milled and ready to go

All the hollow wood surfboards we make here at Lambrecht Surfboards in Pemberton BC  are built with reclaimed wood.  This wood is earmarked for a 6′ 5″ fish  for my friend Dan. More updates to follow.




Beauty is just under the surface

Beauty is just under the surface