Making Boards With A Conscience

Wooden surfboard SUP Beach SUrfing Tofino

The Ethos

We are trying to make it so things get all used up. I have been a builder for most of my life and understand first the waste that is happening all around us everyday and second when something is thrown away you not only lose that object but you waste all the energy that was used to make, install transport etc.. that object.    We have enough stuff in the world. We can take this stuff and reuse it to make more than enough things for all of us. Because lets not kid ourselves we really don’t need all this stuff. I try to practice this philosophy but I still have way to much stuff.   A fence can be a surfboard, something that has been static and held something or a person in can change into something that can be fluid and set someone free. It sounds cheesy and righteous at the same time but if you surf than you know what it is like to feel that freedom every time you ride a wave. I want to try and bring this feeling to as many people as I can through my boards.

Wooden surfboard reclaimed cedar

The Material

The majority of wood in our custom boards and our wooden surfboard workshop boards is Reclaimed Western Red Cedar. We also use Entropy Bio Resin.  This is an Epoxy that is made with soy and pine oils.  This resin has no VOC's so it is safe and easy to use. But the biggest green aspect of our boards is the durability and longevity.  Over the life time of one of our boards you might go through two or three foam boards.  We are keepin this foam product out of a landfill.  Canada needs to stop being the dumping ground for off shore operations in Asia, their manufactured products end up in our landfills for hundreds and hundreds of years. We make the greenest board you can buy in Canada. Period.

wooden surfboard longboard surfing Mexico

The Experience

Surfing on a wooden surfboard is something everyone should experience.  I have had alot of very good surfers ride on my boards. They have never come in from a session and said they didn't like my board. They always say "it is so much different than my foam board." With the added weight you  can gain speed on different parts of the wave, they are super solid in bigger surf and any kind of wind bump on the face is no problem. To ride something you have made yourself is a special feeling.  Just getting down to the beach you will have people stop you, ask questions and comment.  

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